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Find Meaning (On the Run) with Alison Mariella Désir

Apr 2, 2018

Gary Corbitt, running historian and son of the "father of long distance running," Ted Corbitt, is on a mission.  His mission is two fold - preserve the history of running and make running more inclusive for folks everywhere!  On this episode of Find Meaning on the Run, Gary shares stories from his childhood growing up with his incredibly talented father as well as the efforts he's making to preserve both his father's legacy and the work of many pioneers/inventors/architects of our sport so that they are never forgotten.  There were so many names and statistics that I myself had sadly never heard of so have a pen and paper ready so that you can revisit the names and accomplishments of those he mentions at a later date. 

To learn more about Gary Corbitt's efforts and see the Black Running Historical Timeline, follow this link: --------  Follow Alison on Instagram at; Twitter:; Facebook: