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Find Meaning (On the Run) with Alison Mariella Désir

Oct 2, 2017

Mary Wittenberg, Global CEO of Virgin Sport, wants to get the entire world moving and she’s well positioned to do just that! As the former CEO of NYRR, a role she held for 17 years, Mary was the innovator responsible for transforming endurance running from something that was just for elites into something that is available and accessible to all. On this episode we cover everything from her experience winning the Marine Corps Marathon in 1987 and qualifying for the Olympic Trials, to a few of the toughest moments she’s had as a woman in the highest position of leadership. Oh! And in just two weeks, Virgin Sport will host their first ever Festival of Fitness in San Francisco. I’ll be there with my fiancé and friends and, if you’d like to join us, use discount code: HILLAHARDHILLAFUN for 30% off on registration; sign up today: ---- Follow Alison on Instagram at; Twitter:; Facebook: