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Find Meaning (On the Run) with Alison Mariella Désir

Sep 10, 2018

I took a short (!) 4 months off to get my life together.  More specifically - get married, run trail races around the country, graduate from Columbia University and get a position working as a Mental Health Counselor (dream job!), participate in get out the vote efforts with Black Voters Matter and plan The Midterm Run.  On this episode I catch you up on all those things as well as focus on how you can get involved in supporting the Midterm Run.  What's the Midterm Run?  The Midterm Run is a national grassroots progressive initiative to raise money and awareness of candidates running to flip Congress by running (or walking) 2018 miles.  The districts and races we're focused on were picked because the progressive candidates in those races are committed to the Midterm Run's core values regarding women's health and women's rights, commonsense gun laws, LGBTQ issues, immigration rights, criminal justice reform, and healthcare.  The Midterm Run kicks off 9/16 in Brooklyn making stops in Washington DC, Philly, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, and San Diego.  I hope to see you along with way!  Find out more at

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