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Find Meaning (On the Run) with Alison Mariella Désir

Dec 25, 2017

Chris Mosier is a Team USA athlete, trans guy, LGBTQ rights activist and policy consultant for inclusive practice.  Through his own love of sport, he has broken down barriers for trans athletes everywhere and made the world of sport a far more inclusive space.  He is a man of many firsts -  he is the first openly trans athlete to earn a spot on a U.S. men’s national team, he is the first openly transgender athlete to be featured in the "Body Issue" of ESPN The Magazine, and was also the first transgender athlete to featured in a Nike advertisement.  Furthermore, Mosier is considered the catalyst for the change in IOC guidelines for the participation of trans athletes when he challenged the IOC in order to allow for his participation in the Duathlon World Championships in 2016 (and future races).  On top of all of this, he’s also a really warm, great guy.  We cover a lot on the podcast and I jump right in with excitement!  Links below to some of the resources we mention - 
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